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Sydney Ancients Hoplite & Roman Society

Sydney Ancients are a re-enactment group of the ancient world.  Our current focuses are Classical Greece, Early Republican Rome and 1st Century Imperial Rome.  The group interest covers all facets of ancient life including military and civilian activities.


We usually meet on the 1st Saturday of each month at either Foothills Road Mout Ousely (Wollongong) or Lennox Street Richmond.

Look for the yellow "Ancients-->" sign out the front. New attendees contact Mark Kelly for actual address.

General times & activities

11:00am Working bee - bring your project & learn to make things

12:30pm Lunch - bring your own basic food & drink for casual discussions

1:00pm Marching drill (plus Gladiator training on Roman Days) - best time for new attendees to arrive.

Meetings won't be cancelled due to wet weather. Both locations have undercover areas for the working bee and lunch, though the drill may be cancelled.

Please note that dates & theme are subject to change so check the calendar for updates.


2018 Dates (Tentative dates, times & themes to be confirmed)

  • 6 January casual social event to see Rembrandt exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery. Meet 11:00/11:30am at Couryard cafe at Sydney Hospital (top of Martin Place)
  • 3 February GREEK & Macedonian Drill - Location Foothills Road Mount Ousley
  • 3 March Annual Recline & Dine dinner - Location Lennox Street Richmond normal working bee, lunch & drill before hand with dinner starting at 5:30pm Drill will be GREEK, dinner is casual ancients clothing
  • 30 March - 2 April - Easter  -  For information purposes only
  • 7 April CANCELLED ROMAN Drill - Location Foothills Road Mount Ousley
  • 5 May joint GREEK Drill training at Broughton Street Camden NSW - look for Ancients sign out the front of the house
  • 2 June Working Bee & lunch but ROMAN Drill probably cancelled due to weather- Location Foothills Road Mount Ousley
  • 9-11 June "History Alive" Brisbane - For information purposes only
  • 15 July (Sunday) Training moved one week later to Menangle Military Muster - Display & joint Greek drill - More details email Mark Kelly -  
  • 4 August CANCELLED GREEK & Macedonian Drill - Location N/A
  • 1 September CANCELLED ROMAN Drill - Location N/A
  • ?? September - Attend Apollon Boedromia hosted by Hoplitikon of Melbourne - details to be advised
  • 6 October Annual General Meeting and GREEK & Macedonian Drill - Location Lennox Street Richmond
  • 20-21 October - "Timeline" public event at Kryal Castle (near Ballerat Victoria) possibly join with Hoplitikon of Melbourne -  For information purposes only
  • 3 November ROMAN Drill - Location to be announced
  • 8 December GREEK & Macedonian Drill - Location Lennox Street Richmond

Last up dated 03 June 2018

Greek Hoplite Re-enactment

Roman Re-enactment


Greek and Roman cultures are portrayed between 500BC and 100AD.

Our members do Greek Hoplites in Phalanx and Light Infantry, as well as Roman Legionaries of the early Republic and Imperial eras.  We are a confederation of individuals that encourages all type of Re-enactment in the ancient world.  So if you are interested in  representing Hoplites, Alexander the Great, Roman Army or Phalanx warfare or just interested in re-enacting ancient life, we'd love to here from you.

The group does a range of activities from living history campsite to military drills and re enactment of the duties of Classical soldiers.  The group also conducts authentic athletics,cooking, games and cultural activities of the period 500BC to 100AD.

All activities are conducted with safety as the first priority. Many of the weapons are blunted for safety reasons. No participant is to conduct any activity that will endanger themself or any other person. While armed no person will consume or partake of performance altering substances.