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The following is a list useful links that we have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send us an e-mail.

A premier manufacturer of historical reproductions. As an international supplier to re-enactors, collectors, museums and the movie industry, we pride ourselves on the high quality and authenticity of all our products

Good site for Ancient Greek re-enactment.  Includes hints on making gear

Other Australian Re-enactors from other periods

King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans of Thermopylae website decicated to the famous Spartan King and his bodyguard.  Lists other international Greek/Spartans as well as links to some eBay items. Associated with the 2007 Leonidas Expedition.

Roman Costume Guide - Some basic simple cothing and footware patterns

Australian distributor of Deepeeka re-enactrment replica equipment.  Often seen at re-enactment events displaying his wares.

Local Sydney supplier of various gear.  Sydney Agent for Esford Swords & Armoury


A Link to Greek Shield designs on ancient pottery.  Use this as a reference point for choosing a design for your shield

Our brothers in arms in Melbourne is Hoplitikon Mebourne. Click the link above or contact Athansios Porporis email:


USA based group with very good information on gear, making gear and suppliers

The Australasian Living History Federation (ALHF) was established in 2002 to source and manage appropriate and affordable Public Liability insurance for Historical Reenactment societies and Living History groups across Australia.

Member groups focus on different historical periods and locations from the Ancient Greeks through to Australians in the Second World War. There are over 2,000 individual members across Australia.

Aside from organising public liability insurance, ALHF also acts to represent members’ interests in areas such as legislation that affects reenactment activities.
The ALHF offers members, event organisers and the public, advice and guidance on such things as performance and display safety and the presentation of historical accuracy in our activities.