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2016 Poppean


Casual start to the event. Gross and Bryce chatting

Vassli the trader

The Votive tent

The camp

Lunch begins

Lunch continues

The troops on parade

The troops on parade

Combat drill commences

The Anemoi (wind gods) flex vent their anger

Running repairs by Mark Koens

Drill recommences

Phalanx practice

Traditional defense of the dam

Prepare to march

The march continues

The hay bale takes a hit

The Hoplites discuss their victory

The hay bale gets the point it's not wanted in these parts

Bryce & Rob doing archery

Bryce and Rob at the ready

Vassili starts on pre dinner snacks

The rain has us bunkered down

Getting cozy

A popular place for warmth

The stories start

The games begin with Vassili putting the shot

Peter Mac gives it his all

Bryce gives the discus a go