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2015 Photos

 2015 Photos starting with the Annual Wine Dine & Recline dinner

Pre Dinner decorations

WD&R convivial conversation

Chris & Rob ignoring the lamp

Krishna & Dave also trying to ignore the lamp

The team digging in

One of our new pop up displays

Our other pop up

Spot the twins

A close up of Pete and his monkey length arm

The model with his pic

Poppean - Rob & Dave have Lunch

Poppean - Elenor "Hmmm, I'm not sure about these guys"

Poppean - "I like this hat"

Poppean - Chris

Poppean - Take that

Popean - Pila are nasty weapons

Poppean - Javeliners getting ready

Poppean - Elenor selling soap to Dave

Poppean - Dave, Rob & Peter Mac

Poppean - Gross resting after putting up tents

Poppean - Dave unleashes

Poppean - Rob lets loose

Poppean - Rob lines up the target

Poppean - Rob takes aim

Poppean - The Macedonians get ready

Poppean - Pat teaches the new generation

Poppean - Macedionians aim up

Poppean - The Macedonians

Poppean - The hay bale never had a chance

Poppean - At the back of a furious attack

Poppean - A concentration of Macedonian points

Poppean - Gross & Peter Mac

Poppean - Macedonians on parade

Poppean - The shadow warrior

Poppean - Rob & Chris

Poppean - The warrior returns